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Apr 6, 2014

National Scotland Day

We're celebrating National Tartan Day again, a time for celebrating the full, rich culture of Scotland! Tartan Day commemorates the Scottish Declaration of Independence, signed on April 6, 1320. In Canada and the US it’s a huge celebration, particularly for more than eleven million Americans who claim Scottish and Scotch-Irish roots and are proud of their ancestors.

The Declaration Of Arbroath

In 1320 51 Scottish nobles and magnates sealed the Declaration Of Arbroath, "a statement of intent sent to Pope John XXII confirming Scotland as a sovereign state."

This document was the inspiration for The 1776 US Declaration Of Independence. Hence Senate Resolution 155 and the Presidential Proclamation that decreed April 6 National Tartan Day. This proclamation refers to the predominance of Scots among our founding fathers and it recognizes the huge contribution they have made to the building of this nation.

"So today America celebrates all things Scottish with marches, Saltires, food fairs, gigs, fashion shows, tattoos, bagpipes, drums, dancing, speeches and parties — even miniature Falkirk Kelpies will be unveiled." ~Donald MaCleod
It’s Tartan Day — let’s party like it’s 1320

How will you celebrate? If you are not of Scottish heritage, I bet you know someone who know me! Take me to TEA!

Brodies Tea, Scottish Breakfast

You might know a few Celtic Women, some of them might have some Scottish blood!

If you are of Scottish heritage, reply to this message. Let's have some fun!!

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