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Mar 16, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Cookies

St. Patrick's Day Cookies

St. Patrick's Day Cookies 

They may not be traditional but they are fun! Whether you are planning a party or just for family, these cookies will be a big hit.

For centuries, these symbols held incredible power for the ancient Celts in every way of life. These Irish-inspired cookies are shamrocks, Celtic crosses and the Claddagh.

Ancient Celts revered the shamrock because of the trinity of its leaves. 

The Celtic cross is a symbol representing the meeting place of the Divine energies.

The heart of the Claddagh represents love, the crown is symbolic of loyalty, and the hands represent friendship.

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Love this photo of St. Patrick's Day Cookies
used with permission from Oh Sugar Events Claddagh

Celtic Symbols and Signs

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Mar 6, 2014

Celebrating National Oreo Day

March 6 is National Oreo Day

For over 100 years the world has enjoyed the Oreo Cookie! In 1912, Nabisco had a new idea for a cookie – two chocolate disks with a creme filling in between. Little did they know that this sweet white cream sandwiched between two chocolate biscuits would become the largest selling cookie of all time.

Did you know Oreos were first created in a New York City bakery with British customers in mind? Today they can be found in more than 100 countries.

It remains a mystery exactly why the cookies are named Oreos. They were initially named “Oreo Biscuits.” But the name changed to the “Oreo Crème Sandwich” in the 1940s and to the “Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie” in the 1970s.

The first Oreo cookie looked very similar to the Oreo cookie of today, with only a slight difference in the design on the chocolate disks, but the ingredients have changed. 

My friend Shinichi Mine loves to eat, travel and cook. You can follow him on adventures through new food discoveries on YouTube as he comes up with unique recipes in his tiny kitchen in Tokyo. Here is his recipe for Oreos!

Festive White Chocolate-Covered Oreo Cookies

Oreo cookies covered in decadent white chocolate with sprinkles make everyone happy! Easy to make and yummylicious!

The original Oreo recipe included pork fat for the creamy center!!

In the mid-1990s, health concerns prompted Nabisco to replace the lard in the filling with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. Starting in 2006, Oreo cookies replaced the trans fat in the cookie with non-hydrogenated vegetable oil. Oreos became Kosher in December 1997.

When they first debuted, there was also a lemon meringue flavor of Oreos, but those were discontinued in the 1920s. 

Do you think this is true?
I've read that women rather than men are more likely to pull their Oreos apart before eating them.

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